UAV controller certificate | July Special

As a special July promotion we are taking $300 dollars off all of our UAV controller certificate course prices if you book and pay a deposit in July. You can complete the course anytime within calendar year 2016. If you have been interested in obtaining your UAV controller certificate then now is a great time with more and more companies looking to use UAV’s in their everyday operations from things such as asset inspections through to biosecurity.

This discount applies to both our online course as well as our face to face courses which are scheduled every two weeks in Brisbane. We are able to conduct both multi-rotor as well as fixed wing training and our training philosophy is simple – course content is king. Whilst CASA sets a syllabus for all training providers to adhere to each training provider is different in course presentation, experience levels and ability to present information in a manner that makes sense and is useful in practical operations.
Extensive work has been put into creating our in class lessons, as well as our online course (which all students receive access to if they attend a face to face course). Our study guide is 300 pages and is filled with full color illustrations, text, and questions and is available as both a printed copy and an E-text document (The sample document below is interactive, feel free to take a browse)< Our instructors have practical experience in the industry which ranges from asset inspections on remote sites - to aerial survey using fixed wing systems above 400 feet (with appropriate approvals) to operating a UAV on two major aerodromes within Australia (again with appropriate approvals) Having been through the area approval process with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority more times than we care to remember we can guide you so that your first experience is a positive one. Our online course content can be viewed here -Online Course Demonstration

Information on our Course including the topics covered is in this PDF- UAV_Controllers_certificate

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