Course to suit your needs

At National Drones we offer flexibility in courses to suit your needs providing In-Person and Online options.



We provide a fully flexible option of learning the theoretical component of the RePL course online at your own pace. The online course is interactive, best in class, written by experts in the field offering you the option to undertake the course anywhere, anytime. It also includes a 2-day practical interactive session in major cities around the country.

In Person

In just 5 days, we will provide you with the training to qualify for both a RePL and an Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC), which is required to operate a drone in controlled airspace.
Our fully air-conditioned classrooms provide a quiet, comfortable learning environment for our in-class courses. Each class is kept nice and small to ensure that you receive the personal attention you need.
Our rooms feature state-of-the-art data projectors and widescreen digital monitors to help you transition across to flying drones in commercial setting.

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The Topics Covered Throughout The RePL Course

Throughout our course, there is a syllabus which is covered to obtain your remote pilot licence (RePL). Some of the topics which you will learn about throughout the week and through the online course are –

  • Form of the Earth – Latitude and Longitude
  • Map reading, electronic flight bags
  • Controlled Airspace and Aerodromes
  • Air Legislation and use of Drones
  • Identifying controlled airspace
  • Area approvals- When permission is required and how to obtain it when operating outside normal flight rules
  • Notams (Notice to airmen)
  • Principles of Flight
  • Weight and Balance
  • Human Factors, Threat and Error Management
  • Risk and Control measures
  • Aircraft Components and Systems
  • Flight planning and risk assessment
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