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Answering your most frequently asked questions

What is a RePL?

RePL stands for Remote Pilot License. The RePL is an individual certification for those that wish to commercially operate drones above 2kg. Once you obtain an RePL, to fly commercially you will need to do so under an organisation (or individual) that holds an RPA Operators Certificate (ReOC) or obtain your own.

What is an AROC?

AROC stands for Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate. This certificate authorises an individual to utilise an aeronautical radio to communicate with air traffic and Air Traffic Control (ATC). This certification in a requirement when operating an RPA within proximity to aerodromes or in controlled airspace when your RPA weighs more than 2kg. This is included in our RePL course.

What is a ReOC?

ReOC stands for RPA Operator’s Certificate. This is a certificate for a company or an individual with an ABN. The ReOC permits a company or individual to work for hire or rewards using a remotely piloted aircraft system. This certification is used by CASA or a CASA delegate and involves developing documentation and participating in an interview.

What type of drones can I be certified on?

We offer certification for multi-rotor sub 7kg, multi-rotor up to 25kg and fixed wing sub 7kg. Please note multi-rotor up to 25kg and fixed wing sub 7kg are at additional costs and will need to send through separate enquiry.

How long does the RePL last for?

The RePL has no expiry date.

Is the RePL license valid internationally or only in Australia?

Australia only.

What content is covered in the RePL course?

Some of the topics included are:

– Flight Planning
– Navigation
– Controlled Airspace
– Air Law
– Identifying airspace
– Gaining area approvals
– NOTAMs (notice to airmen)

What are the assessment methods for the course?

Students are assessed for understanding throughout the theory part of the course via:

Pop quizzes throughout the online training material

Question of students directly

Questions from the study guide for students

Exercises during the practical component of flight training

Sample problems and scenarios during the practical component of flight training

At end of the theory a final exam will be taken

What is an ARN?

An ARN stands for an Aviation Reference Number. An ARN is a number that is assigned by CASA to an individual or company. It is used as a reference for your certifications. You will need on when it comes time to fill out your application forms for both the RePL and ReOC. It is free to obtain and can be done online through the CASA website

What options do you have for the RePL training?

We have two options for completing your RePL study:

1. In-person. This is a 5-day instructor lead course and will incorporate the theoretical and practical components of the certification. For details of our upcoming courses visit here

2. Online with 2 day practical . This course allows you to study the theoretical component online at your own pace. You will then conduct a 2 day practical training and assessment. For more details click here

What are your upcoming course dates?

For upcoming course dates please check out the website here

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