Learn in-class and experience the real deal

Welcome to the National Drones Institute Perth RePL Course. Our in-class course is for those who prefer a classroom, face-to-face environment — where you can be hands-on. Our fully air-conditioned classrooms provide a quiet, comfortable learning environment and each class is kept nice and small to ensure that you receive the personal attention you need. All rooms feature state-of-the-art data projectors and widescreen digital monitors and we also make use of simulator software to help you transition across to flying drones.

The course is designed from the outset to be as engaging as possible through use of animations, supplemented with a study guide written specifically for RPA operations.

Some of the topics covered include

  • Flight Planning
  • Navigation
  • Controlled Airspace
  • Air Law
  • Identifying airspace
  • Gaining area approvals
  • NOTAMS (Notice to airmen)
  • Principles of Flight
  • Weight and Balance
  • Aircraft Components and Systems

Course details




Monday January 22 to Friday January 26, 2018

Start Time

09:00 am

End Time

05:00 pm


Peeth, WA


AUD $2,500

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